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Christmas Story (in English)
Storybook and Coloring Book
Kids love to be able to color the story!

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Histoire de Noël (en français)
Livre d'histoire et livre à colorier
Les enfants adorent colorier l'histoire!

Regardez le vidéo sur YouTube

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How to Start Your Own Business As a Teenager (English)
308 pages

Available in paperback and electronic version (PDF and Kindle). Paperback formats are available from Amazon.com and from CreateSpace.com, the publishing division of Amazon.

Paperback from Amazon.com $20.91

Paperback from the CreateSpace regular price, $17.47 instead of $24.95, USE CODE 2QA9UU5B for a 30% discount!
CreateSpace is the publishing division of Amazon.com

Kindle $5.08

Bien chanter c'est facile

Bien Chanter c'est facile

Bien chanter c'est facile, 64 pages en couleurs

Bien chanter c'est facile offre une méthode simple pour bien chanter. Cette méthode a permis à l'illustre baryton italien Riccardo Stracciari de chanter les plus grands rôles de l'opéra pendant plus de cinquante ans, un record absolu.

Si vous chantez mal, cette méthode vous dira pourquoi. Si vous chantez bien, cette méthode vous dira aussi pourquoi.

La méthode vous explique ce qu’est le beau chant et quels sont les moyens de le produire. Grâce à cette méthode progressive, vous obtiendrez sûrement et rapidement la pose de votre voix.

Tout le monde a intérêt à chanter, mais à condition de bien émettre le son. Le chant est un sport idéal pour les hommes, les femmes et les enfants. Cette méthode courte mais complète, rédigée dans un style clair et précis, vous révèle tous les secrets de l’École italienne.

Commandez la version papier de CreateSpace, $29.95
Commandez la version papier de Amazon.com $29.95

Bay Islands 411 Book (English)


Bay Islands 411 Book

The Bay Islands 411 Book, 2011 Edition for Roatan, Utila and Guanaja, the Caribbean Bay Islands of Honduras (English)
Full color Edition, 100 pages

Are you planning a vacation or are you dreaming of moving to a warm Caribbean Island?

This book is a must if you are considering visiting any of the Bay Islands for any length of time, be it a vacation or a more permanent move. Living on a Caribbean island is quite feasible if you go to Roatan, one of the islands of the Bay of Honduras, a country in Central America. The Bay Islands are: Roatan, Utila, Guanaja and Cayos Cochinos, and they are located south of Cancun and east of Guatemala. The ocean and the landscapes are gorgeous, but do not expect things to be the same as they are on other Caribbean islands. These islands belong to a Third World country, and you need to know what to expect and how to deal with situations and locals, whether they are natives, expats or from the mainland, in order to have a good time and remain safe. It is a place where you can immigrate relatively easily, one of the last places where it is possible to do so in the Caribbean, but there are many pitfalls that await you if you do not prepare. Make sure to get the book to enjoy your vacation or to prepare your move!

Part of the proceeds from the sale of this book are used to help a single mother and educate her 8 children on Roatan.

Paperback Format:

CreateSpace, $24.95
Amazon.com $24.95
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Whiz Biz in Changing Times (English)

Whiz Biz in Changing Times

Whiz Biz in Changing Times
Start Your Business, Create the Job You Love!
Never Depend on Anyone to Earn Money Ever Again! (English)
310 pages

With the state of the economy, starting your small business or creating your own job is more relevant than ever! That is why we are pleased to announce this book on the subject. This one is for people of all ages and gives you all the easy step-by-step program you need to start your business successfully.

Paperback from Amazon.com $24.95

Paperback from CreateSpace $24.95
CreateSpace is the publishing division of Amazon.com

Kindle $9.95