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About <DIV> Publishing

<DIV> is a well-know HTML tag and its use in the publisher's name is meant to bridge the gap between publishing and the Web. <DIV> Publishing publishes in all electronic formats, as well as in the more traditional paperback formats. <DIV> Publishing has been founded by Danielle Vallée.

Danielle has a background in major corporate environments, as well as extensive start-up and entrepreneurial experience. She has spent many years involved in start-ups and training new entrepreneurs. She has managed and produced procedures and online learning material and projects for several large telecom companies. She managed Learning Management Systems evaluation and implementation projects. She was part of the Brandon Hall Awards of Excellence jury, as well a the Advanced Thinkers Group (sponsored Harvard's Higher Education Faculty) for several years.

She performed numerous consulting and reorganization assignments in large organizations. She has coordinated with Presidents, VP Human Resources, VP Info Systems and Training Managers on projects. Her responsibilities included (but were not limited to) assessing requirements, strategizing organizational changes and developing business and technology plans with subsequent implementations. She has a significant involvement with emerging telecommunications and media technologies.

She has also accumulated an important strategic Internet technology background, including knowledge and analysis of a series of learning management systems and content management systems, as well as Web site development strategies and techniques including e-Learning content development. Her strengths: analytical business planning and management, technology monitoring and use, training, customer/user relations, and outreach to achieve acceptance of change.

Her professional activities brought her to work in Canada, Europe, the Caribbean and Central America, providing her with a global perspective of business and technology. She is a public speaker and published writer on business, technology, health and pesonal development topics.

She is particularly interested by quantum physics and the use of energy to influence matter, especially for health, success and prosperity. She stays on top of technological development and shares her findings by making them easy to understand.

She is currently offering several training programs and is preparing books on energy healing, technology and a novel based on her Caribbean adventures.

Published Books and Magazines

  • Créez votre emploi idéal en 10 étapes en démarrant une entreprise, <DIV> Publishing, Richmond, VA, USA
  • 10 Steps to Creating Your Dream Job by Starting a Business, <DIV> Publishing, Richmond, VA, USA
  • Whiz Biz in Changing Times, <DIV> Publishing, Richmond, VA, USA
  • Whiz Teens in Business, <DIV> Publishing, Richmond, VA, USA
  • e-Learning as a Business Asset, WebTechPublishing, Montréal, Canada
  • Leading Your Business Into the Future with the Internet, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL USA
  • Whiz Teens in Business, Truman Publishing, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
  • ISO pour Tous, Éditions Logiques, Montréal, Canada (collaboration)
  • Bay Islands 411-911, Roatan, Honduras
Livre 10 Steps to Creating Your Dream Job by Starting a Business
Livre Whiz Biz in Changing Times
Livre Whiz Teens in Business
Livre e-Learning as a Business Asset

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Cliquez pour ouvrir le magazine pleine page

Leading Your Business Into The Furture With The Internet

For more information, see DanielleVallee.com