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Publish Your Own Book for Less Than $5

You can actually publish your own book of 300 pages,
with a full-color front and back cover, for a little over $4.50!

New authors' dreams of seeing their books published have come true!

With the actual cost of publishing your book yourself at less than $5, there is NO REASON for you NOT to publish your book! New self-publishing services offer extremely interesting options to authors. Not only is it possible to self-publish easily and rapidly, but your book becomes available almost instantly on Amazon.com and in bookstores. It is also available online worldwide. YOU set the sales price and YOU determine how big your royalty will be. You automatically receive sales reports every month and the proceeds are automatically deposited directly in your bank account. It doesn't get any better than this!


The solution is called on-demand self-publishing. On-demand publishing takes away the burden of having to purchase many copies of your own book. It means that the book will be printed according to demand, just-in-time, rather than being printed in many copies at great expenses, as publishers typically do. All that authors have to do is purchase one (1) proof copy after uploading their book ready to be printed. That's it, nothing more!

The book is then available online and on sites such as Amazon.com, as well as in bookstores, through the printing service. Authors who want to buy copies at low cost and sell them on their own can do so. For instance, you can buy your book at $4.50 and sell it during presentations at $25. Learn more about the royalties you can get here.

Your book remains available as long as you decide to keep it available. No more out-of-print books! This is an incredible new opportunity!

When you self-publish, you're in complete control!

Why Has Using a Publisher Become So Uninteresting?

1) It has become extremely difficult for new authors to find a literary agent, let alone a publishing house. Since most publishers require that a new author be represented by an agent, that can be a problem.
2) Publishers appear and disappear, and they don't always pay your royalties (trust us on that one!).
3) Agents retire or change careers and not all of them do a proper job, i.e. counsel you on the contract you're signing, keeping an eye on whether the publisher is keeping proper records and pays you what it truly owes you. That is part of an agent's job, but doesn
't always get done.
4) When you deal with a publishing company, your book will not become available for at least 18 months after you hand in your manuscript. This means that it's going to take a long time before you see your first royalties (publishers often pay royalties only every 6 months) This also means that if you're writing technology books, your new book will be obsolete by the time it arrives on store shelves.

5) With self-publishing, your book can be used in more than one way. In addition to selling it online and in bookstores, you can use it as a calling card and brochure and to establish your professional credibility. You can include it into training sessions that you give, to add value to your training.
6) You can print just one book or as many as you want, either to keep for yourself or to sell worldwide.
7) When you self-publish, you keep most of your royalties. This means that instead of receiving -maybe- 10% or less of royalties from the publisher, you receive at least 60% and often 75% of the price of your book from the printer.

Publishers require from authors that they do their own promotion of the book, and many require the author to purchase a minimum amount of copies as part of their contract, typically a few hundred. All these costs are compensated by a meager 10% or less in royalties, IF and when you can collect them. If you are a well-known author, you get a better offer from publishers, but that is for only a tiny percentage of authors...

So, in the end, is there any real advantage to dealing with a publisher? What are new authors to do in order to see their books published? It used to be that authors had to spend tens of thousands of dollars and face many obstacles in order to publish their book themselves. However, with the advance of technology, authors now have new options that are extremely interesting. After all, if authors have to assume the task of promoting their books and have to purchase copies themselves in return for a small royalty, they might as well publish themselves for less money and a much larger royalty!

Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers

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