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Publishing Your Own Book

Here are the steps involved when publishing your own book

Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers

The Writing:
  • Writing the book
  • Entering the book into a computer as a text file
  • Proofreading or having it checked
  • Deciding which publishing option you desire:
    • Paperback and/or hardcover (high resolution for printing format)
    • Electronic versions: basic PDF (low resolution for the Web), Kindle format (special format), iPad format (epub format), Flip Book format (high resolution PDF)...
The Layout
  • Selection of the format and size of the book
  • Selection of images (photos and illustrations) to support the text as needed
  • Layout of the pages in accordance with the format(s) selected
  • Integration of images throughout the text and pages
  • Preparation of front and back covers
  • Obtaining the ISBN number and adding it to your book (compulsory if you want to sell it, one number for each format)
  • Exporting the final layout and covers into the appropriate format(s)
The Publishing
  • Uploading your files with the publisher
  • Choosing your settings and options for selling
  • Waiting for the approval regarding file formats
  • Giving the OK for piublishing

Once finalized, it is ready to be published and distributed on Amazon and in all bookstores worldwide.

The Royalties

You can then start selling it on your own Web site with PayPal, and/or sell it in online bookstores like Amazon who will pay you a royalty on all sales.

Royalties for your printed book vary depending on the sales channel you pick. They vary between 80% on the CreateSpace Store, 60% on Amazon and 40% for a wide distribution in bookstores. You can pick your own sales channel as you wish. CreateSpace is an Amazon company and they also do the printing for your book. For more information on this process, go to the CreateSpace Web page. Get access to FREE book publishing tools, resources, and a growing online community of authors You will see the prices for black and white and full color books, from 45 pages to several hundred pages. Learn how.

Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers

Our webinar covering the whole process of publishing your own book will be ready this fall. Now is a good time to start writing and preparing your book and be ready for a fall publication, in time for the Christmas season!